Lenshaw has been serving churches, non-profits and small businesses for more than 20 years. We specialize in bookkeeping, human resources and payroll.

What We Offer
Policies, Procedures and Best Practices
We help you create important documents such as employee manuals, progressive discipline procedures or documentation of general process control. We help to customize the documents and processes that will fit the needs of your organization and implement the controls needed to ensure the assets of the organization are managed appropriately.
Human Resources

We will help you keep up with payroll and insurance laws, and how they pertain to your organization. Verbal offers are not enough. We help you put yours in writing and avoid possible complaints that can arise from inconsistent or unwritten policies. We can create offer letters, manage pay increases, facilitate 403b plans, break out housing allowances and help implement better tools for you and your employees. Additionally, we help with terminations and help ensure that necessary documentation is in place.

Prior Year(s) Cleanup and Reconciliations

If you have been without a bookkeeper, and/or trying to manage everyone on your own, you may have found yourself with months or years of an accounting mess. With our help, we can work with your old documents and bank statements to bring you up-to-date and back on track. Whether it is a few months or a few years, we will use what you have and what you can find, to reconcile your books, provide financial statements and relieve you of that burden.

Training and Consulting
We can train your new volunteer or staff member in best accounting practices, or getting started with payroll. We can help you set things in order, set-up processes, forms, procedures, as well as advise on best practices for record retention (contributions, expenses, receipts, and more). Either in person or via video call, our staff can walk you through basic to complex accounting entries, as well as payroll and HR issues.

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